Friday, August 3, 2007

April Fool

We got out the extension lead and ran it out the door
Wondering how come none of us had thought of this before.
We trailed it up the garden path until we reached the shed
“I think this should be far enough,” my darling daughter said.

Going back inside the house, my son, whose name is Peter,
Emerged a while later with the portable fan heater.
We plugged it in and pointed it beneath the garden shed
“I think this should be warm enough,” my darling daughter said.

I took the light from Peter’s bike, ignoring all the static,
And the torch we use when venturing into our pokey attic.
I brought them out and pointed them beneath the garden shed,
“I think that should be light enough,” my darling daughter said.

My wife then came out of the house with radio in hand,
And turned it on full blast when she discovered the right band,
And so the Beach Boys Happy Hour blared out beside the shed
“I think that should be loud enough,” my darling daughter said

And then we stopped and waited on that cold December day
Hoping that our machinations wouldn’t go astray.
At last, beneath the shed, a sleepy hedgehog poked his head,
“April Fool, you silly ass!” my darling daughter said.

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